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Madhavi's Overseas Education is the USA Student Visa consultancy that will help you achieve your dreams! We offer expert advice and guidance throughout the visa application process, ensuring that your application is as strong as possible. With our help, you’ll be on your way to studying in the United States in no time!

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With our help, you can achieve your dream come true! We have helped over 1000+ successful visa cases to date. We also offer one of the best IELTS Coaching courses, which will make it easy for students with ambitions of studying in the USA.

You can be rest assured about your study visa to the USA with Madhavi's Overseas Education. There is nothing better than having an expert by your side who knows everything about existing regulations. At Madhavi's Overseas Education, we offer a personalized approach to getting your dream study visa in the USA.

Eligibility Criteria For USA Student Visa
Sept/ Jan / May
For Under Graduate Students :
Graduate Students :

Scholarships: Study In USA

The United States is one of the most expensive nations to pursue higher education. Don’t let that put you off. There are hundreds of opportunities for funding your studies in the USA, and some universities even offer need-blind admission with international scholarships available too.

If you plan to study in the USA, you can avail either Government-funded or non-government funded scholarships. Also, there are many scholarships dedicated to Asian students as well. You can get complete guidance about scholarships in the USA from Madhavi's Overseas Education, the best USA study visa consultant in Ahmedabad.


Pre Departure

Once you get your USA student visa, we know that’s it is the beginning of an exciting journey. We want to make sure everything goes smoothly, and we will be there with all our support during this phase of your USA dream. So before leaving on your big adventure abroad, we will arrange one or more pre-departure briefs where experts can help answer any questions about study in the USA. Our experts will provide tips on how things work and give advice tailored towards students’ needs, so they feel empowered going into university life knowing someone cares enough about them.

Working While Studying And After Study

Working while studying can be an excellent opportunity to make money and gain valuable work experience during your stay in America. Along with providing you extra cash, many programs allow you to practice English in a professional setting, which will help prepare after college when looking towards future careers or jobs.

The OPT extension is one of the ways that students can stay in America after graduation. This program allows recent graduates to work for up to twelve months following their studies. Those who study science or technology may be eligible for an extra 12-month window under the STEM OPT. However, the OPT rules can change, and one must stay updated on the latest federal regulations. Also, you will receive the latest updates and guidance from the expert USA student visa consultants at Madhavi's Overseas Education.


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