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Want to study in France, Italy or Spain? Don’t know where to start your search for a European country that suits you best. Let Shiv Overseas help! With expert immigration advice on student visas, we’ll make sure this process goes as smoothly and quickly as possible so all of your educational goals can come true with ease.

Personalized Approach For European Student Visa

We know how important it is to have the right support system when going through such an extensive process as applying for a study visa. Hence we offer personalized service with our best in class preparation courses, making sure that you are prepared and your transition goes smoothly from day one.

We’ve helped 1000+ students already reach their dream of studying abroad. We can help fulfil your dream of studying in France, studying in Italy, studying in Spain or any other European country.

Pre Departure

When studying abroad, it’s essential to be prepared for the unexpected. That means knowing what you’re getting into and having a plan of action if things don’t go as planned. This is why our team provides pre-departure briefs that give students like yourself an opportunity to feel confident before heading off on their journey while also providing them with support throughout this process. You can get guidance from the experts at Shiv Overseas, one of the best study visa consultants for Europe.


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